Business Interruption Insurance Claim Attorney

Business interruption insurance is designed to protect businesses whose income is affected by events that are out of their control. The most recent and obvious reason a business owner may file a business interruption claim is the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting millions of businesses all over the world. Business Interruption policies are complicated and can create challenges for business owners who do not have experience in filing claims against large insurance companies.

Insurance companies keep legal counsel on retainer, which makes it imperative that you obtain proper counsel sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, insurance companies who provide business interruption policies know that policyholders are not conscious of their rights, which is why many insurance companies grossly underpay claims filed by policyholders. When the insurance company fails to pay what they owe the insured and breaches their arrangement, this can be considered bad faith. Insurance companies like to play games and intimidate, trusting tactics to settle, even if for no other reason than to finish their insurance struggles and will intimidate individuals. At Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers we deal with insurance companies on a daily basis in many scenarios, and we know what is necessary to help a policyholder seeking damages when filing a claim. Our lawyers have managed many insurance claims, from fire damage to losses. You might qualify for compensation over and beyond In the event that you or a loved one has experienced a claim denied by your own insurer.

What Should You Do If You Have A Claim To File?

There are a few points policyholders of event cancellation insurance should do to preserve their claims:

  • Notify your insurance company. Giving the insurance company, notice you are going to file a claim that is a prerequisite for coverage under almost all insurance policies. It is important to make sure that the insurer treats the notice as a notification.
  • Document everything. When filing a plane against your ensure is important to maintain the proper documentation and keep all related information regarding your losses. This is a critical aspect often overlooked by those filing claims.
  • Hire an experienced insurance attorney. Policyholders, even large corporations, are very inexperienced in filing insurance claims. Hiring an experienced insurance attorney can make the difference between winning and claiming and losing a plan when dealing with insurance companies who respond to claims on a daily basis, this is their business, not yours.

Do not let giant insurance companies take advantage of you and intimidate you into feeling helpless regarding your insurance claim. Call our Attorneys at Doyle LLP today to understand how we can help you fight the insurance company and win your claim.